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Advice for Sellers
Interested in Selling for £195?

Tips for Successful Selling

The Price

Be clear and realistic about the price. Many home owners have a good idea of what their property is worth but you can get good history on the price of recently sold comparable properties in your area from websites such as , , , and Remember that a property is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, not what you think they should be prepared to pay! By all means hold out for the best price, but be realistic.
Tips for successful selling
house on the beach

The Description

Type out a draft of your description first. Take plenty of time to edit it until you’re happy with it. Show it to others, and sleep on it before sending it to us. Use language that real people use, not the language that some estate agents use! Describe the property as if you were describing it to a friend. Bring your description to life, telling prospective purchasers what’s really likeable about the property, but remember to be honest and accurate in how you describe and portray your home.


  • You can have up to 20 digital photos, so include as many as possible as they give buyers a really good impression of your property.
  • If possible take photos when the sun is shining or at very least on a bright day (but not directly into the sun). If that means waiting 12 hours until the sun is in the right position – do so, it really is worth the wait to ensure the property looks at its best!
  • Include some interior photos, in particular the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Turn on all the lights if necessary, and draw the curtains back as far as you can.
  • If at all possible, make sure that your photos are all landscape, as a mixture of landscape and portrait photos will not look good on the page.
  • Depending on your room layout, try taking pictures from every angle, not just the one you see from the door. Try it with the window behind you, too (but don’t stand right in front of the window or you’ll block the light!).
  • It’s often the small details that people remember about a property. Consider some close-ups of period features, for example.
  • Above all else, you are selling a property by the water – don’t forget to include a photograph of those all important water views!
tips for successful selling of your property
House by Loch Scotland

Make it Clean and Tidy

Give the house a good tidy and clean – it will make all the difference. Put everything away, take the yellow sticky notes off the fridge, clean the windows. In short, look for clutter and mess – then banish them! Do this before you take the photographs, and before EVERY viewing.