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Port de St Cyprien

Size: 12.0m x 5.0m
Lease: until 2039


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    12m berth for sale in Port Saint Cyprien

    This marina berth is now sold. If you are interested in buying a berth in Port Saint Cyprien please get in touch so that we can let you know when a suitable berth for your vessel becomes available.

    Port Saint Cyprien is in the Gulf of Lion on the Roussillon coast in the South West of France. The marina can hold up to 2,200 boats up to 20m in length and has a working boatyard with a crane and a travel lift. The marina also has a fuel berth.

    Famous for its vast marina as well as its beautiful and very long fine sandy beach. The marina is a Blue Flag marina for the quality of its water.

    Port Saint Cyprien has restaurants, bars and shops on-site and also has a boatyard.

    Location and travel information

    The Marina is a 25 mins drive from Perpignan Airport – PGF and 5 minutes from the train station.

    St Cyprien lies at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains and about 18 miles from Spain.

    Finding out more

    If you are interested in talking to Nic and Marie about buying this berth in Port Saint Cyprien then please click the enquiry button below.

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