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Buying a Property – Advice

Welcome to Waterside. It is our aim to make buying a property as easy as possible for you. We have been in the business of selling waterfront properties for over 20 years and so if we don’t know the answer, we will find out.You will be greeted by email, over the phone or at any of our showrooms by courteous and knowledgeable staff, eager to smooth your buying journey.Buying a property can be fun to start with and then frustrating as the process moves forward. Once the decision is made, all you want to do is move in, but there are several hurdles to leapfrog before that can happen. You can however help yourself by making sure that your side of things are as straight forward as they possibly can be.

Essentially the steps you will have to take are as follows:

    1. Have a good idea of what it is that you are looking for. There is no point in looking at property which is well out of your budget or which has a 10m mooring if your boat is 12m. It just won’t fit and you will waste a seller’s time as well as your own.

    2. You also need to be able to buy. You need to be “ready, willing and able”. If you are having to sell to buy and you either do not have a buyer for your own property or your property is not yet on the market then the process could take significantly longer than you anticipate and you may find that sellers may not accept an offer, rather they will leave their property on the market to proceed with a buyer more “ready, willing and able”.

    3. “Able to buy” also means that you need to have the wherewithal to buy. This may involve a mortgage for a small or large amount of the purchase price. If so make sure you have your mortgage agreed in principal, subject to valuation once you have agreed to buy a property.

    4. Once you have your basic criteria, contact our offices via the internet, or by phone or just pop in, talk to our knowledgeable Negotiators about what is available and decide with them what properties you may like to view, given your requirements.

    5. Use our office network to visit different locations if you do not have a fixed idea of where, geographically you want to be. We have seen many people who have started in Brighton and ended up buying on the Isle of Wight, or vice versa of course!

    6. Once viewed, we would ask for your feedback on each property so that we can establish whether we are on the right track. If you like what you see we would encourage an offer.

    7. We will either negotiate with you on behalf of an owner or you may offer an asking price.

    8. Once the purchase is agreed you need to inform your mortgage company and appoint a solicitor.

Buying Advice - Waterside Properties

Mortgage company & surveys

You will already, hopefully know your mortgage company. Give them our details and their valuer/surveyor will contact us for access. It is up to you whether you are happy with a mortgage valuation survey, or whether you would prefer a more in depth structural or homebuyers survey, and you should talk to the mortgage company about this.

If you do not need a mortgage, but would still like a survey, we can introduce you to a panel of surveyors who are on our list because they have experience of the type of property you are buying and would be able to advise you properly.

Advice on buying a property from Waterside Properties
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There are many unique features about buying a property by the water and it is often best to choose a solicitor who has experience of the leases, searches and service issues which operate in the location in which you are buying. Again we can point you in the right direction. You can of course use your own familiar solicitor, but from experience it does tend to take longer as they unravel the intricacies and most likely COST MORE!

Once we know who you are using, we will issue a memorandum of sale, informing each party, you, the seller, the seller’s solicitor and your solicitor of the agreed price, timescale, and other conditions of the sale. This acts as the starting gun.

You will have to make some funds available to your solicitor at this stage so that they can carry out the searches and other investigations of title and so forth required to complete a conveyance.

It often takes 4 to 8 weeks whilst solicitors are asking and answering the necessary questions and this is the time during which it can get frustrating. It is also an anxious time because the property is not legally yours until this process is over. You will know when it is getting close when you are asked to sign a contract and pay over what is normally 10% of the purchase price to “Exchange Contract”.

From Exchange to Completion

Once exchanged the date is set for completion and you can organise:

      • Removals
      • Insurance
      • Utilities connections
      • Telephone


To make life easy you can do this through our unique price comparison software MoveIT on our website or just ask us and we can arrange it for you.

Finally on the day of completion, you and/or your mortgage company will have paid over the balance to COMPLETE THE SALE. By the time the bank has transferred the monies it is normally afternoon and we won’t be able to release keys until we are informed by the solicitor that completion has happened. But come in to the office anyway and we will hold your hand, just as we have every step of the way, plus the coffee pot will be on!

Advice for property buyers